We pride ourselves on an old meets new mindset.  We love tubes and tape, we we also embrace Pro Tools and an mp3 end game. The mics, pres, instruments, and outboard gear can be used in countless combos to make great, different sounds, while keeping a quality consistency. 



CM67 x2: These are our workhorse tube mics. They are very good remakes of the famous U67’s heard on countless recordings. These are great on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, drum overheads, and about anything else you put in front of them. 

FET47: This mic is the hero of lowend. The bass response from this mic is incredible. Kicks, bass amps, and even vocals, this mic finds itself being used all the time. 

TLM103 x 2

Warm Audio
WA-47: This modern recreation of the U47, has been a new studio favorite. It has a little more top end than the original, but all the same gushy low and mids of the classic.

e609 x 2 
MD421 x 3  

55S (original) x2 
Beta57 x 1 
Beta58 x 1 
Beta91 x 1 
SM57 x 4 
SM58 x 2 
SM7 x 2 
SM81 x 2 


VT737-SP x2:  We have a black one and a silver one. They sound the same, but look different. These modern, all tube channel strips sound fantastic. With their tube EQ and Tube compressor, they add warmth but aren’t as colored as some of our other tube pres. Things just sound good through these. 

U5 x2: It feels funny calling these direct boxes. They are more like instrument preamps. They make for some fat bass and synth. 

Empirical Labs:
Distressor x3

Universal Audio:

2100 Channel Strips (pair) 
These two channels are the coolest preamps we have. They definitely add color, but awesome, Neve type color. Vocals, snares, guitar, anything really, things just sound great through these guys. This particular pair came from the board used on Van Halen’s 5150 record…supposedly… 

This 2 channel, tube preamp is another favorite around here. It's all tube and there’s no doubt about it. This thing will get furry in a heart beat, but somehow never really gets too overdriven…unless you want it to

Lang PEQ
This hot little tomato from the 50’s would have originally been a broadcast program EQ. It is very “Pultec like” in it’s sound and operation.  It is solid-state but don’t let that make you sad. The top end on this thing is untouchable.

Warm Audio 
WA-76 x2
Bus Comp
Stereo version of a 1073 type preamp and EQ