Timeless Music Production”

Sonic Factory Suite c

1159 24th St, Suite C

Des Moines, Ia 50311



Located in the heart of Des Moines' Drake area, Suite C has been pumping out EPs, LPs, demos, backing tracks, and many other things for over 11 years. We have worked with national names all the way to first timers coming in, singing to backing tracks. We can help write, produce, record, play on, and mix/master your music as pro as possible.

This studio is Pro Tools based and can do up to 32 inputs at once. Full headphone monitoring system to make the artist as comfortable as possible with his/her mix. This allows the artist to make their own headphone mix. Tube and other class A gear meet Pro Tools in a way that lets you get get as retro of a sound as you want, but in a modern, Pro Tools based workflow.

We don't care if you're a pro or only just getting into this, we can help. Recording your record at home but your system is glitching, we offer in home trouble shooting also!  Or maybe you need a place to do drum and vocals. Or maybe you're working on you album at another studio, but need something recorded locally, we can send files wherever you need.

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Control Room A

Control Room A