Basic Band Pricing
$50/ hr (2 hr minimum)
Corporate Pricing
This is when speed and accuracy is the utmost importance.
In Home Trouble Shooting
Full Length Album Project Pricing
Prices vary.
(515) 277-6302 :: Call us for a customized quote.
We WILL find a price that works for your budget.
Karaoke Style-
$50/hr + cost of tracks ($1.99 per pre made track on average)
If you can search for the song you want to sing here.

Audio Editing
$50/hr w/ a 2 hr minimum
Audio Transfer/Preparing
We can take several formats,including OMF’s and change them to almost any format. Can also take your Cubase, Nuendo, or any other multitrack project and get it ready to go into Pro Tools for mixing here or any other Pro Tools based studio.
We can even take your vinyl, restore it and put it to CD.
We can now transfer 1/4″ 2 or 4 track and 1/2″ 8 track tape
$50/hr w/ a 1 hr minimum
All major credit cards accepted.  Also PayPal and Dwolla.